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Tuesday, 20th June 2017- Rafi Bohic made a new history in his Muay Thai career in Thailand, as he became the New Welterweight Champion in Lumpinee boxing stadium by beating a Thai boxer Pongsiri PK Saenchai on points.

Last year in September and October, Rafi fought Pongsiri twice for the title belt in Lumpinee but lose the two title bouts, yesterday Rafi had tremendous victory by winning one of the prestigious title belt of the world in the sports of Muay Thai.

Every Muay Thai boxers dream to win a title belt in the biggest stadium in Thailand like Lumpinee and Rajadamnern.

Rafi Bohic is the third French Muay Thai earned a title belt in Lumpinee, followed by Damien Almos in 2012 and Morad Sari in 1991.

It was an incredible fight to Mr. Numnoi and to all the trainers of Singpatong who always dedicate their passion in teaching Muay Thai to our fighters.

Congratulations to our New welterweight lumpinee champion Rafi Bohic.




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Here is the full lineup on SUK PETCH NUMNOI FIGHT  organized by Numnoi Singpatong in Lumpinee Stadium on Friday, 12th of May and the first three fights will broadcast live on Thai TV Channel NOW26.

French Nak Muay Rafi Bohic (140lbs WBC World Champion, 140lbs WMC World Champions) will face Uudnoi from Kaowkri Gym in the next fight.

Two superstar Thai boxers Siwakon Kiatcharunchai will fight Petchnirun Dabrunsarakham in the main event.


March 7, 2017 Lumpinee Championship + One Paranchai

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One of the most promising upcoming fights for 2017 is all set for ‘Lumpinee Championship plus One Paranchai‘ show will take place on Tuesday the 7th March at Ramintra road, Lumpinee Boxing Stadium will showcase nine bouts including six title belts lineup. The show organized by Maj.Gen.Kasem Benjaniratisai, Mr. Choon Kiatpetch, Mr. Kode Paranchai and Mr. Numnoi Singpatong.

Muangthai from P.K.SenchaiMuaythaiGYM will face Rambo who currently train at Sitsongpeenong Gym will fight for Muay thai lightweight division ‘135lb lumpinee title belt’.

Petnarin from Por.Pekko is the current Ch7 stadium 108lb champion will fight against Petchphanlit Por.Lakboon for the vacant 108lb lumpinee title belt.

In Muay Thai flyweight division the rising star Keaw from Parunchai Gym will face Ballangyeung Por.Peenapad for the vacant 112lb  lumpinee title belt.

Muay Thai  Bantamweight division, Genkard from Por.Pekko will defend his 118 lumpinee title belt against  Fahpennueng  from Por.Lakboon

Petchmorakod from T-Ded99 Gym will defend his 130lb lumpinee title belt against  Nuenglanlek from Jitmuangnon Gym.

Yodpanomrung from Jitmuangnon Gym will defend his 140lb lumpinee title belt against another star of the 140lb division Rittewida Sor.Niphaphon.

and our junior fighter Sripetch Sitnumnoi will face Petcheak  from Singmanee Gym. 


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Congratulations to the Team Singpatong for two wins tonight and Pee Numnoi for his first successful Muay Thai fight promotion in Lumpinee Stadium.

In the main event, a french muay thai figther Rafi Bohic faced Srimuangpai from Amnat Muay Thai Gym for rematch fight. Rafi prepared hard and focused on his training for these fight. Both fighters gave the best shot to win the battle but Rafi announced the winner by points against Srimuangpai.

In another fight Arthur Singpatong won by techinical knock-out in round 5 against Oishi Lukmakhamwan.



MuaySiam Magazine featured Rafi’s fight in Suk Petch Numnoi fight in Bangkok


Give Love To Children

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We believe that all kids should have the opportunity to play and benefit from sports.

Our mission is to make children participate in sporting activities. If you have the equipment to give, it will change the lives of children.









Two Victories in Radikal Fight Night III

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It’s time to celebrate! Last Saturday, 23rd of May 2015, our two nak muay farang Rafi Bohic and Arthur Meyer went to France. They fought in RADIKAL FIGHT NIGHT III organized by Carolo Muay Thai. The event held at Charlevilles-Mézière.


In Superfights, Rafi Bohic faced an experienced fighter Jim Brazzale and beats by decision. Arthur Meyer won his first pro fight in France. He beats an experienced fighter Xavier Bastard by decision.


In four man tournament, Daniel Manzoni from Star Boxing beats Tommy Compere from Konateam and Matthieu Pellegrinelli from Carolo Muay Thai beats Abdel Senoussi by a decision in the elimination round.

In the final round, Abdel Senoussi replaced Matthieu Pellegrinelli due to injury. Daniel Manzoni is the winner in 4 Man Tournament.

Team Singpatong Upcoming Fights

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We are excited to announce our four upcoming fights, and Team Singpatong are getting ready for our local and international fights.

On Saturday, 28th of March 2015, our nak muay farang Alka Matewa from Belgium will fight in Buakaw Banchamek + Kiatpetch promotion show. The event will take place in Phuket area, and broadcast live on TV Channel 7 from 7pm local time in Thailand. Alka Matewa will face an American fighter Cyrus Washington aka ‘Black Dynamite’. It will be a great fight of the night.


Next in line, three upcoming fights of Rafi Bohic Singpatong. The first one is on Saturday, 4th of April 2015, in ‘Thai fight King of Muay Thai 2015’ the event will take place at Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy in Nakhonnayok Province, Thailand. Doors are open at 3:00pm and broadcast live on Thai Channel 3 at 5:30 to 8:30pm. Our French fighter Rafi Bohic Singpatong will face a Thai fighter Kong Samui Lukjaoporongtom in this event.


Next fight, 18th of April 2015, Rafi Bohic will fight in KONATEAM TOURNAMENT in France. You can check here for more details of the tournament.

Lastly, on 23rd of May 2015, Rafi Bohic will fight on Radikal Fight Night III International Gala Thai boxing, will take place on France. In this event, Rafi will face Mohamed Kariche from team Kamel Jemel.


Lumpinee Champion Pentong Theolagym

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Penthong Theolagym


His Muay Thai Record
Total: 66
Wins: 46
Losses: 14
Draw: 1

2014: 106lbs Lumpinee Winner – 20th of September
2014: 109lbs Lumpinee Winner – 22nd of November
2014: 109lbs Lumpinee Winner – 27th of December
2015: 110lbs Lumpinee Winner – 31st of January
2015: 111lbs Lumpinee Winner – 14th of March

Meet our nak muay Pentong Theolagym. He is the new light flyweight champion in Lumpinee Stadium. Pentong won seven times in a row in Bangkok, Thailand. He is one of our young fighters and currently training at Singpatong Sitnumnoi Gym.

Last 14th of March 2015, Team Singpatong headed to Lumpinee Stadium, with our trainer Anan. Muangchai Tanaimichelle and Pentong Theolagym fought in Lumpinee while Samingnoi Sor Abdul fought the other day in Imperial Ladphrao Stadium was televised on Channel 9. Muangchai and Samingnoi did not make it, but they showed their strength in this fight. They give their full determination and skills to prove themselves.

31st of January; Pentong faced Kongkabin Sor.Jor.Laiprajin, 16 years of age, from Prachiburi, Central Thailand. In his career 50 fights, 40 wins and 10 losses. Pentong throwed solid punches with the combination of low and high kick in the first round. He throwed lots of knees in the clinch with a firm grip around the neck of Kongkabin.

Competing in Lumpinee Stadium is an excellent opportunity for every Muay Thai fighters. To be crowned as a winner in Lumpinee is priceless.

Check out the full fight of Pentong Theolagym below.

Ong Bak Movie: Epitomizing the Art of Muay Thai

Movie Synopsis:

Ong-Bak is the sacred Buddha of a poor village, and  right after the head of Ong-Bak was stolen, the population was plunged into misery. The Buddha was the focal point of an anniversary vigil to request for rain to fall on the drought-stricken area. The villagers selected Young Tin (played by Tony Jaa) to travel to Bangkok, rescue the relic and bring it back to the village in time for their ceremony. Young Tin apparently has an affinity with the Buddha statue, back when he was left on the temple steps as a baby and from then on he was raised by monks who taught him Muay Thai. He was forbidden by them to use it in combat. But retrieving the Buddha could force him to confront the thugs of the underworld using Muay Thai.

For the Muay Thai enthusiasts and practitioners, watching this movie means seeing the dazzling martial arts moves of Tony Jaa with his lightning reflexes and breathtaking gymnastic moves which are both entertaining and genuinely impressive. Press releases for the movie claims “no safety nets, no computer graphics, and no strings” in all the stunts performed by the lead star Tony Jaa.

Everything common to a movie of this genre is found in this film – predictable script, effective (not especially artistic) direction, adequate but not fantastically impressive movie-making. But it’s a Tony Jaa film so the audience will be expecting a lot of stunts and fight scenes.

And for this particular film, the art of Muay Thai takes center stage especially in the fight scenes. Young Tin (Tony Jaa) fights in the street. He fights in the ring. He goes underwater and gets his legs on fire. He fights using Muay Thai – with his hands, fists and with a little help from the knives.

The movie showcases Tony Jaa’s spectacular ability as an electrifying performer. The movie is obviously designed to show off what Tony Jaa does best – fight scenes.  Those who are familiar with the principles and practice of Muay Thai, would easily recognize the strikes and all the moves that are layers and layers of Muay Thai.

And that is one thing this movie was able to fulfill –epitomizing the art of Muay Thai, in its best form and purpose. Those who are not into Muay Thai may have a change of heart after watching this movie. The gracefulness that Tony Jaa displayed using this martial art is just incredible.

The Best Martial Arts Movies in Recent Years

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Most people who are interested in martial arts find it helpful watching movies that feature celebrities who are known to be advocates of the specific martial arts they are interested in. How many Bruce Lee, Jet Li, or Jackie Chan movies have become blockbuster movies in the past? The incredible success of most of those movies may be attributed to the huge martial arts following who are keen to learn new techniques featured in the movies.

Some of the best martial Arts movies in recent years are as follows:

Undisputed II: Last Man Standing

Undisputed 2 -- Muay Thai training camp

This 2006 movie is the sequel to the 2002 action film, Undisputed. The 2006 film features Mixed Martial Arts. In the film, George ‘Iceman’ Chambers is framed for possession of cocaine and sent to prison, where he discovers a series of illegal full-contact MMA matches arranged by prison officials for personal profits and at the expense of the fighting inmates. The illegal MMA fight is used as a bargaining chip to get Chambers to fight Yuri, the ruling MMA inmate fighter. In exchange, Chambers will get an expedited appeal and early release. The film showcases various fighting MMA techniques as displayed by both Chambers and Yuri.

Ip Man

Ip Man -- Muay Thai camp Phuket

This 2008 Hong Kong movie is a semi-biographical martial arts film based on the life of Yip Man – a grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun and master of Bruce Lee. The film features Wing Chun as events in the life of Ip which took place in the city of Foshan during the Sino-Japanese War. Set in the 1930s, the film featured desperate circumstances that forced Ip to use his martial arts skills against the oppressors – the Japanese military soldiers. In the end, the Japanese General Miura, who initially wanted Ip to teach the Japanese soldiers martial arts but Ip refused, was challenged by Ip to a fight which the general accepted not knowing that it would lead to his defeat. The general’s deputy shot Ip while the crowd is cheering his win. The film revealed that Ip survives and escapes to Hong Kong where he establishes his Wing Chun school.

District B13

District B13 -- Muay Thai gym Phuket

This is a 2004 French action film that features “parkour” – also called the “art of displacement” and best described as street gymnastics or the closely related free running art popularized by Jackie Chan in the 80s. The film was set in the ghettos of Paris in 2010 where an undercover cop and ex-thug try to infiltrate a gang in order to defuse a neutron bomb which was planted by the Defense Secretary of France, Mr. Kruger, to blow up B13 in his desire to get rid of the community. B13 or Banlieue 13 is a poor Paris ghetto suburb where authorities built containment wall in order to isolate the uncontrollable B13 community. The bomb did not detonate and Mr. Kruger’s plan was exposed which led to the tearing down of the containment wall and bringing back to B13 the schools and police force.

Ong Bak 3

Ong Bak 3 -- Muay Thai training camp Thailand

This 2010 Thai martial arts film is a follow-up sequel to Ong Bak 2 which features Tony Jaa as Tien, a Muay Thai fighter. The film features Muay Thai and centered around the life of Tien who is captured and almost killed in many circumstances in the film. Tien is rescued and taken back to the Kan Kohne village where he embarks on a rehabilitation regimen with the help of Master Bua. Soon enough Tien is made to face his arch enemy in an epic fight where he won.