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Here is the full lineup on SUK PETCH NUMNOI FIGHT  organized by Numnoi Singpatong in Lumpinee Stadium on Friday, 12th of May and the first three fights will broadcast live on Thai TV Channel NOW26.

French Nak Muay Rafi Bohic (140lbs WBC World Champion, 140lbs WMC World Champions) will face Uudnoi from Kaowkri Gym in the next fight.

Two superstar Thai boxers Siwakon Kiatcharunchai will fight Petchnirun Dabrunsarakham in the main event.


March 7, 2017 Lumpinee Championship + One Paranchai

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One of the most promising upcoming fights for 2017 is all set for ‘Lumpinee Championship plus One Paranchai‘ show will take place on Tuesday the 7th March at Ramintra road, Lumpinee Boxing Stadium will showcase nine bouts including six title belts lineup. The show organized by Maj.Gen.Kasem Benjaniratisai, Mr. Choon Kiatpetch, Mr. Kode Paranchai and Mr. Numnoi Singpatong.

Muangthai from P.K.SenchaiMuaythaiGYM will face Rambo who currently train at Sitsongpeenong Gym will fight for Muay thai lightweight division ‘135lb lumpinee title belt’.

Petnarin from Por.Pekko is the current Ch7 stadium 108lb champion will fight against Petchphanlit Por.Lakboon for the vacant 108lb lumpinee title belt.

In Muay Thai flyweight division the rising star Keaw from Parunchai Gym will face Ballangyeung Por.Peenapad for the vacant 112lb  lumpinee title belt.

Muay Thai  Bantamweight division, Genkard from Por.Pekko will defend his 118 lumpinee title belt against  Fahpennueng  from Por.Lakboon

Petchmorakod from T-Ded99 Gym will defend his 130lb lumpinee title belt against  Nuenglanlek from Jitmuangnon Gym.

Yodpanomrung from Jitmuangnon Gym will defend his 140lb lumpinee title belt against another star of the 140lb division Rittewida Sor.Niphaphon.

and our junior fighter Sripetch Sitnumnoi will face Petcheak  from Singmanee Gym. 

SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 Suk Kiatpetch + SitNumnoi TanaiMichelle

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Thanks to Muay Siam Magazine for the cover of the week featuring the next big fight at Lumpinee Stadium on Friday, 2nd of September 2016. The show will have five stadium title on the fight card, and it will take places in Bangkok hosted by Suk Kiatpetch and SitNumnoi Tanaimichelle promotion team.

French NakMuay, Rafic Bohic Singpatong, will fight Pongsiri Por Siripong, for the vacant Lumpinee welterweight (147lbs) title. As per the new rankings for August at Lumpinee, Yodpayak from Sitsongpeenong is the champion of that weight class, while Pongsiri is ranked no.1 at Super welterweight, and Rafi is ranked no.2 in the same division.

On the main event Muang Thai, from PK Saemchai Gym will face Yodlekpet.


Team Singpatong Upcoming Fights In Bangkok

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It’s a busy week at Singpatong Gym for the preparation of their upcoming fights this weekend. Arthur Meyer Singpatong will face Yassin Petchsaman Muaythai from Belgium on Friday at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. After his Radikal Fight in France, Arthur is even stronger and determine to win this fight. The next day, Payak Awesomevillas and Penthong Theolagym will fight on the first card on the same stadium. Sunday afternoon, Team Singpatong will go to Channel 7 for Jongandam Sitnumnoi fight. Thanks to our trainers for their dedication to trained our fighters for another exciting fight.

Team Singpatong Upcoming Fights

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We are excited to announce our four upcoming fights, and Team Singpatong are getting ready for our local and international fights.

On Saturday, 28th of March 2015, our nak muay farang Alka Matewa from Belgium will fight in Buakaw Banchamek + Kiatpetch promotion show. The event will take place in Phuket area, and broadcast live on TV Channel 7 from 7pm local time in Thailand. Alka Matewa will face an American fighter Cyrus Washington aka ‘Black Dynamite’. It will be a great fight of the night.


Next in line, three upcoming fights of Rafi Bohic Singpatong. The first one is on Saturday, 4th of April 2015, in ‘Thai fight King of Muay Thai 2015’ the event will take place at Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy in Nakhonnayok Province, Thailand. Doors are open at 3:00pm and broadcast live on Thai Channel 3 at 5:30 to 8:30pm. Our French fighter Rafi Bohic Singpatong will face a Thai fighter Kong Samui Lukjaoporongtom in this event.


Next fight, 18th of April 2015, Rafi Bohic will fight in KONATEAM TOURNAMENT in France. You can check here for more details of the tournament.

Lastly, on 23rd of May 2015, Rafi Bohic will fight on Radikal Fight Night III International Gala Thai boxing, will take place on France. In this event, Rafi will face Mohamed Kariche from team Kamel Jemel.



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We are proud to announce that our very own Nak Muay Farang Raphael Bohic Singpatong will represent our camp on Konateam Tournament , on 18th of April 2015. The event will take place at AU GYMNASE LÉO LAGRANGE Avenue De L’Europe 94350 Villiers-Sur-Marne at 12 midnight.


L’ESCALE Boxing-Club & la ville de Villers-sur-Marne present the muay thai fighters in this tournament namely

  • Raphael Bohic Singpatong
  • Fabien Baldacchino
  • Mohammed Galaoui
  • Sofiane Bougossa
  • Anthony Defretin
  • Johane Beauseiour
  • Arman Hambaryan
  • Tommy Compere
  • Amir Lalaoui
  • Aiman Al Rhadi


Raphael Bohic Singpatong start his 2015 with a win. As you may remember in the first Muay Thai Fury, Rafi Bohic Singpatong won in the 4 Man Tournament at 68 kg. In the semi-final round, Rafi Bohic beat the local fighter Kompetch Lukjaomaesaiwaree by knock-out in round 1 and in the final-round, Rafi Bohic won again by knock-out in round 1 by using two low kicks.

Rafi Bohic Singpatong is one the famous muay thai fighter in Thailand. He won various titles:  Max Muay Thai Champion in Four Man Tournament, WMC (World Muaythai Council) Champion and Champion in Eight Man Tournament at Bangla Boxing Stadium and Champion in 4 Man Tournament Muay Thai Fury.


Winner of 4 Man Tournament at 68 kg,  31st of January 2015




Muay Thai Fighters to Be Watched

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  • Rafi Singpatong won an 8 man tournament in Bangla Stadium on December 26. He went 9 full rounds with very short breaks, and was the only competitor in the tournament to fight 9 full rounds. We are very proud of him he did an amazing job. Look out for Rafi Singpatong in the future!


Rafi Singpatong Winning

Rafi Singpatong Winning

Rafi Singpatong after Fight

Rafi Singpatong after Fight



  • Damien Alamos Kwaitong gym will be fighting in a special program at Bangla stadium on January 4. Also big shout out to Youtube Channel MuayThaiHL for making this video of Damien:


  • Pen Tai Singpatong will be fighting in Chumpon Province on January 11, more details of this fight to come.
  • Pen Ake Sitnumnoi will be fighting in the main event on January 8 at Lumpinee stadium. He will be fighting Pohgeaw who just recently lost to Sam A in a questionable decision. It will be a great Muay Thai fight.