We are proud to announce that our very own Nak Muay Farang Raphael Bohic Singpatong will represent our camp on Konateam Tournament , on 18th of April 2015. The event will take place at AU GYMNASE LÉO LAGRANGE Avenue De L’Europe 94350 Villiers-Sur-Marne at 12 midnight.


L’ESCALE Boxing-Club & la ville de Villers-sur-Marne present the muay thai fighters in this tournament namely

  • Raphael Bohic Singpatong
  • Fabien Baldacchino
  • Mohammed Galaoui
  • Sofiane Bougossa
  • Anthony Defretin
  • Johane Beauseiour
  • Arman Hambaryan
  • Tommy Compere
  • Amir Lalaoui
  • Aiman Al Rhadi


Raphael Bohic Singpatong start his 2015 with a win. As you may remember in the first Muay Thai Fury, Rafi Bohic Singpatong won in the 4 Man Tournament at 68 kg. In the semi-final round, Rafi Bohic beat the local fighter Kompetch Lukjaomaesaiwaree by knock-out in round 1 and in the final-round, Rafi Bohic won again by knock-out in round 1 by using two low kicks.

Rafi Bohic Singpatong is one the famous muay thai fighter in Thailand. He won various titles:  Max Muay Thai Champion in Four Man Tournament, WMC (World Muaythai Council) Champion and Champion in Eight Man Tournament at Bangla Boxing Stadium and Champion in 4 Man Tournament Muay Thai Fury.


Winner of 4 Man Tournament at 68 kg,  31st of January 2015




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