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Results of last Suk Petch Numnoi muay thai fight at Lumpinee Stadium.

  • 100 lbs: Petchsila Sitnumnoi   (DRAW)
    Petchmalai Petchcharurnvit
  • 106 lbs: Sripetch Sitnumnoi (WIN)
    Singnakhon Singmawin
  • 110 lbs: Eakmuangkhon Mor.Krungthepthonburi
    Yodkhunpol Singmanassak (WIN)
  • 122 lbs: Katanyu Lek Sitpharang (WIN TKO3)
    Dejkoonchon BaanZangGYM
  • 115 lbs: Hinlad Lek Lukhinlad
    Brandthai KelaSports (WIN)
  • 109 lbs: Numtrang Noi Singpomprab
    Sensak Sor.Boonyiem (WIN)
  • 117 lbs: View Petchkozon (WIN)
    Pompetch Sitnumnoi
  • 130 lbs: Rusami Sitnumnoi
    StarNews SethnyGYM (WIN TKO2)
  • 100 lbs: Songpayak Sitsongpayak (WIN)
    Warapol PaitongGYM

Team Singpatong Pick Up Three Wins in Lumpinee

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Friday, 13th of May in SUK PETCH NUMNOI FIGHT at Ramintra Lumpinee Stadium. Team Singpatong got three straight wins on the event. The first four-fight on the fight card aired live by Thai TV Channel NOW26, and Rafi Singpatong bout aired in the last set of the match. You can watch the video here NOW26.

Fighters do sprint and shadow boxing every morning, sparring and clinching sessions every afternoon and finally all their hard work in training pay-off.


Rafi Bohic Singpatong won by knock-out in Lumpinee

French Nak Muay Rafi Bohic faced Yodrwut from Kaowkri Gym last night. Both fighters showed impressive techniques. In the fourth round, both fighters started throwing a hard kick and Rafi landed a hard kick to Yodrwut that make him knock-out in the fourth round.



Songpayak won by points




Kongfha Tanaimichelle won by points


March 7, 2017 Lumpinee Championship + One Paranchai

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One of the most promising upcoming fights for 2017 is all set for ‘Lumpinee Championship plus One Paranchai‘ show will take place on Tuesday the 7th March at Ramintra road, Lumpinee Boxing Stadium will showcase nine bouts including six title belts lineup. The show organized by Maj.Gen.Kasem Benjaniratisai, Mr. Choon Kiatpetch, Mr. Kode Paranchai and Mr. Numnoi Singpatong.

Muangthai from P.K.SenchaiMuaythaiGYM will face Rambo who currently train at Sitsongpeenong Gym will fight for Muay thai lightweight division ‘135lb lumpinee title belt’.

Petnarin from Por.Pekko is the current Ch7 stadium 108lb champion will fight against Petchphanlit Por.Lakboon for the vacant 108lb lumpinee title belt.

In Muay Thai flyweight division the rising star Keaw from Parunchai Gym will face Ballangyeung Por.Peenapad for the vacant 112lb  lumpinee title belt.

Muay Thai  Bantamweight division, Genkard from Por.Pekko will defend his 118 lumpinee title belt against  Fahpennueng  from Por.Lakboon

Petchmorakod from T-Ded99 Gym will defend his 130lb lumpinee title belt against  Nuenglanlek from Jitmuangnon Gym.

Yodpanomrung from Jitmuangnon Gym will defend his 140lb lumpinee title belt against another star of the 140lb division Rittewida Sor.Niphaphon.

and our junior fighter Sripetch Sitnumnoi will face Petcheak  from Singmanee Gym. 


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Congratulations to the Team Singpatong for two wins tonight and Pee Numnoi for his first successful Muay Thai fight promotion in Lumpinee Stadium.

In the main event, a french muay thai figther Rafi Bohic faced Srimuangpai from Amnat Muay Thai Gym for rematch fight. Rafi prepared hard and focused on his training for these fight. Both fighters gave the best shot to win the battle but Rafi announced the winner by points against Srimuangpai.

In another fight Arthur Singpatong won by techinical knock-out in round 5 against Oishi Lukmakhamwan.



MuaySiam Magazine featured Rafi’s fight in Suk Petch Numnoi fight in Bangkok


SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 Suk Kiatpetch + SitNumnoi TanaiMichelle

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Thanks to Muay Siam Magazine for the cover of the week featuring the next big fight at Lumpinee Stadium on Friday, 2nd of September 2016. The show will have five stadium title on the fight card, and it will take places in Bangkok hosted by Suk Kiatpetch and SitNumnoi Tanaimichelle promotion team.

French NakMuay, Rafic Bohic Singpatong, will fight Pongsiri Por Siripong, for the vacant Lumpinee welterweight (147lbs) title. As per the new rankings for August at Lumpinee, Yodpayak from Sitsongpeenong is the champion of that weight class, while Pongsiri is ranked no.1 at Super welterweight, and Rafi is ranked no.2 in the same division.

On the main event Muang Thai, from PK Saemchai Gym will face Yodlekpet.


New WBC World Muay Thai Champion 'Rafi Bohic'

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Congratulations to the ‘New WBC World Muay Thai ChampionRaphael Bohic and the rest of the Team Singpatong for the incredible performance last Friday, at Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok.

Best of Siam 8‘ is a special French Muay Thai event organized by nak muay farang Jean Charles Skarbowsky. The event took placed on 27th May 2016 in one of the biggest stadium in Thailand.

In this fight, Rafi faced a Thai fighter Arannchai Kiatpatarapran for WBC Muay Thai 140 lbs title. Both fighters gave their best shot in this bout. Rafi showed great heart in this fight, throwing lethal kicks and sharp punches and more aggressive than before. Raphael won on points against Arannchai. He made 63 fights for 56 victories in his Muay Thai career.



March 26, 2016 Final Tournament at Omnoi Stadium

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It’s a bloody fight last Sunday at Omnoi Stadium. Rafhael Bohic Singpatong faced an experienced thai boxer Sibmean Sitchefboonthum in the final tournament for 147 lbs. weight division title belt.

Both fighters gave their best shot in this fight. During the bout, Rafi’s right eye started to bleed in the second-round, but he did not mind it; instead he fought fiercely by throwing a sharp punched and brutal kicks to his opponent.

The bout was stopped in the fourth-round after the ringside doctor advised the referee, due to excessive bleeding in his right eye. Sibmean Sitchefboonthum defeated Rafi in the final tournament.


Three Wins In a Row

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Three stunning victories for Singpatong Sitnumnoi this year. Raphael Bohic wins three consecutive matches in Omnoi Tournament held in Bangkok. His best-known punch was a powerful left hook, which accounted for most of his knockouts. Rafi wins his third victory held Saturday, October 31,  at  Fooktiengroup Tournament. He faced an experienced Thai boxer Dedteewasa Sit Tikoon and knocked him out in the third round with his ‘killer left hook’. Just a month ago, he defeated a Thai boxer ‘Navi Eagle Muay Thai’ with his ‘famous left hook’ in the third round at Omnoi Stadium last October 3. Watch three full fight videos below.

Rafi Bohic VS Dedteewada Sit Tikoon at Omnoi Stadium, 31st October 2015


Rafi Bohic Singpatong VS Navi EagleMuayThai at Omnoi Stadium, 3rd October 2015


Rafi Bohic Singpatong VS Jaknaronglek Tor. Silachai at Omnoi Stadium, 5th September 2015

February 28, 2015 MUAY THAI FURY II

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Last month, Promoter Numnoi Singpatong present the first Muay Thai Fury 4 Man Tournament event at Patong Boxing Stadium, January 31, 2015. There will be every time a tournament in four different categories, plus six super fights.

In the semi final round Raphael Bohic Singpatong beat Kompetch Lukjaomaesaiwaree by KO round 1 and Nakornsri Elite Fight Club beat Craig Dickson on points. In the final round Raphael Bohic Singpatong won against Nakornsri Elite Fight Club by KO round 1.

Semi Final Round: Craig Dickson Sumalee VS Nakornsri Elite


This Saturday presenting the second Muay Thai Fury 4 Man Tournament but this time the contenders will fight for one title in 78 KG category. Here are contenders Alka Matewa from Belgium, Duangsompong Kor Tapaotong from Thailand, Fasai Gaitpakin from Thailand and Moteza Elite Fight Club, plus six super fights.



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