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Tuesday, 13th  of March 2018, Team Singpatong Sitnumnoi headed to Bangkok for another extreme evening fights. Our three Singpatong fighters joined the Suk Petch Numnoi Fight held in Lumpinee Boxing Stadium organized by promoter Mr. Numnoi Singpatong.

Here are list of Singpatong fighters won in the event.
Kompayak Sitkamnanjirawat (Thailand) won by points against Thai boxer เพชรเงินทอง ต.หมอศรี
Seanliam Soonkilamaipai (Thailand) won by points against Thai boxer เดชฤทธิ์ ก.แสงจันทร์
Suklek Gaitpetchdaycha (Thailand) won by points against Thai boxer กุมารทอง สันติอุบล


Click this link for full fight preview.

Kompayak Sitkamnanjirawat, Seanliam Soonkilamaipai, Suklek Gaitpetchdaycha


Suk Petch Numnoi Fight
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