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Results of last Suk Petch Numnoi muay thai fight at Lumpinee Stadium.

  • 100 lbs: Petchsila Sitnumnoi   (DRAW)
    Petchmalai Petchcharurnvit
  • 106 lbs: Sripetch Sitnumnoi (WIN)
    Singnakhon Singmawin
  • 110 lbs: Eakmuangkhon Mor.Krungthepthonburi
    Yodkhunpol Singmanassak (WIN)
  • 122 lbs: Katanyu Lek Sitpharang (WIN TKO3)
    Dejkoonchon BaanZangGYM
  • 115 lbs: Hinlad Lek Lukhinlad
    Brandthai KelaSports (WIN)
  • 109 lbs: Numtrang Noi Singpomprab
    Sensak Sor.Boonyiem (WIN)
  • 117 lbs: View Petchkozon (WIN)
    Pompetch Sitnumnoi
  • 130 lbs: Rusami Sitnumnoi
    StarNews SethnyGYM (WIN TKO2)
  • 100 lbs: Songpayak Sitsongpayak (WIN)
    Warapol PaitongGYM
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