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Photo credits to Muaysiam News

The main event of Kiatpetch promotions, Jongangdam Sitnumnoi faced a Thai fighter Tapaokaew Singmawin last Friday at Lumpinee Stadium. He was honoured for the experienced to share the ring and won on points against Tapaokaew. Jongangdam won two consecutive fights in Lumpinee. He was trained by very experienced trainers in Singpatong focuses on stance, footwork, basic punches, kicks, knees and elbows and the defenses to these techniques. Jongangdam showed both heart and durability; he’s got a huge future in the sport.

Watch Jongangdam highlight fights, click this link.


Photo credits to Muaysiam News

The undercard tonight’s fight, Kongfah Tanaimichelle won on points against Tomyumkung Pakonponsurin. If you’ve ever watched kongfah’s fight before in Lumpinee, you will notice how he improved his fighting style. Self-discipline and determination to learn made him a strong fighter than before. Another impressive fight kongfah showed last night, and made the crowd go wild.

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