Lumpinee Champion Pentong Theolagym

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Penthong Theolagym


His Muay Thai Record
Total: 66
Wins: 46
Losses: 14
Draw: 1

2014: 106lbs Lumpinee Winner – 20th of September
2014: 109lbs Lumpinee Winner – 22nd of November
2014: 109lbs Lumpinee Winner – 27th of December
2015: 110lbs Lumpinee Winner – 31st of January
2015: 111lbs Lumpinee Winner – 14th of March

Meet our nak muay Pentong Theolagym. He is the new light flyweight champion in Lumpinee Stadium. Pentong won seven times in a row in Bangkok, Thailand. He is one of our young fighters and currently training at Singpatong Sitnumnoi Gym.

Last 14th of March 2015, Team Singpatong headed to Lumpinee Stadium, with our trainer Anan. Muangchai Tanaimichelle and Pentong Theolagym fought in Lumpinee while Samingnoi Sor Abdul fought the other day in Imperial Ladphrao Stadium was televised on Channel 9. Muangchai and Samingnoi did not make it, but they showed their strength in this fight. They give their full determination and skills to prove themselves.

31st of January; Pentong faced Kongkabin Sor.Jor.Laiprajin, 16 years of age, from Prachiburi, Central Thailand. In his career 50 fights, 40 wins and 10 losses. Pentong throwed solid punches with the combination of low and high kick in the first round. He throwed lots of knees in the clinch with a firm grip around the neck of Kongkabin.

Competing in Lumpinee Stadium is an excellent opportunity for every Muay Thai fighters. To be crowned as a winner in Lumpinee is priceless.

Check out the full fight of Pentong Theolagym below.


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Another great event organized by our Promoter Num Noi Singpatong of Singpatong Sitnumnoi Gym and Mr. Apidetch of Phetchbuncha Thai Boxing Gym. The Muay Thai Super fight that will take place at Phetchbuncha Samui Stadium in Koh Samui on 8th of December 2014.

We proudly present our fighters who will fight in this event namely: Arthur Singpatong, Flo Singpatong and Mark Singpatong.

Here is the final card for this event:



Arthur Singpatong is a french muay thai and currently training at Singpatong Sitnumnoi Gym in Phuket, Thailand. This is the previous fight of Arthur Singpatong and won via points against Lucas Elite fight club last 11th of October 2014.

Arthur Singpatong won via points at Patong Boxing Stadium (October 11, 2014)

Flo Singpatong is a french muay thai and currently training at Singpatong Sitnumnoi Gym.Flo recently fought in Lumpinee Boxing Stadium last 21th of November 2014 and won via TKO round 4 against Petchdam Tor Pran 49.

Mark Singpatong is an australian muay thai fighter and currently training at Singpatong Sitnumnoi Gym in Thailand and Punish Fight Gear in Australia.

Previous fight of Mark Luchhiari (won) against Shane Hewlett in Australia

For tickets you can call this number  : 084 – 7726739. See you there!


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Here are the Final Four Fighters of the THAI FIGHT SEMI-FINAL TOURNAMENT – 72.5 kg. (GLOVES).

  • ALKA MATEWA (Belgium) of Singpatong Sitnumnoi Muay Thai Gym
  • ANTOINE PINTO (France) of Siang Boxing Gym
  • SEN BUNTHEN (Cambodia)


Our fighter ALKA MATEWA will fight on the THAI FIGHT SEMI-FINAL TOURNAMENT – 72.5 kg. (GLOVES). Next Saturday, 22th of November 2014 at the wholesale Centre in grand style, Khon Kaen province. Broadcast live on Thai Channel 3. Gate is open at 3:00 PM (free entrance)


Alka Matewa – “The Spartan”
Fighter Records :61 Times
Win 52 Times
Loss 9 Times
Draw 0 Times

Prestige :
– Belgium Champion 2010
– Benelux Champion 2011
– European Champion 2011
– Intercontinental C
hampion 2012
– World Champion 2013


Congratulations to Ethan 'The Fighter' Cannon

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Congratulations to Ethan ‘The Fighter’ Cannon and the Team Fight Firm. Ethan Cannon won in Destiny 3 Muay Thai last Saturday (October 25, 2014) in Brisbane Australia againts Owen Promkiew. Ethan had been trained at Singpatong Sitnumnoi Gym before. He went back to Australia to continue his dream as a fighter and his studies.  He’s now under training at Fight Firm located at Townsville, North Queensland, Australia, Ben Daniel Mountford is the head trainer.




Ethan ‘The Fighter’ Cannon wearing Singpatong Muay Thai Short


October 27, 2014 - Martyna Krol on Angel Fight Extreme 2014

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On 27th October – The first opening of Angel Fight Extreme 2014 a new event for best Nak Muays Ying (female muay thai fighters) only Muaythai Live (The stage) ASIATIQUE THE RIVER FRONT in Bangkok, Thailand. The event will start at 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Watch the tape of the event on Channel 9 Thai TV, re-run at 8:00pm – 12:30am. The Limited Free tickets are available at Muaythai Live counter.



The main card:

  • 52kg Jade Marissa Sirisompan from Thailand vs. Irine Plaza from Spain
  • 52kg Nong Em from Thailand vs. Melissa Reaume from Canada
  • 54kg Miriam Sabot from Italy vs. the Thai Chommanee
  • 55kg Martyna Krol from Poland vs. Saengdow from Thailand
  • 58kg Saifah from Thailand vs. Theresa Wintermyr from Sweden
  • 62kg Juliana Rosa from Brazil vs. Duannapa from Thailand
  • 64kg Kelly Creegan from Ireland vs. Peach Purahong from Thailand



October 25, 2014 - BIG EVENT OF NIGHT Penake Sitnumnoi vs Mark Sarracino

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October 25, 2014 – 1st Anniversary of SUK SINGPATONG + SITNUMNOI on next Saturday. It will starts at 9:00pm onwards, at Patong Boxing Stadium. The main fight of the night, we proudly present our fighter from Singpatong Sitnumnoi Gym who will fight in this night. Penake Sitnumnoi vs. Mark Sarracino.

Penake Sitnumnoi awarded as “The best fighter of 2011 royal trophy from Thai Journalist Association, 3X Lumpinee Winner Titles, Channel 7 Stadium Champion, Channel 3 Omnio Stadium Champion and WPMF champion. He is one of Singpatong Sitnumnoi Training Camp’s professional Muay Thai fighters. His professional career is managed by the head trainer Num Noi Singpatong and he belongs to Singpatong Club.

Mark Sarracino is a 4X Australian Champion; South Pacific Champion. He lived and trained in WMC Thai boxing camp.


Reserve your tickets at

or you can call us:
087-383-3364 (Day & Night) | 076-345-578 (Day)

or e-mail us :


October 25, 2014 – SUK SINGPATONG + SITNUMNOI 1st Anniversary

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1656378_781303918601145_757451741112364327_nOctober 25, 2014 – On next Saturday starts at 9:00 pm onwards. Presenting our professional fighter Penake Sitnumnoi will fight on this special event againts Mark Sarracino. Let’s celebrate our 1st year anniversary of SUK SINGPATONG + SIT NUMNOI muay thai show. Come and join us.

Reserve your tickets at
Call us: 087-383-3364 (Day & Night) | 076-345-578 (Day)


October 25, 2014 - ALKA MATEWA in THAI FIGHT TOURNAMENT 2014

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THAI FIGHT KING OF KARD CHUEK 2014 The Royal Trophy (1st Round) Weight class: 70 kg – Rope Wrap at MCC Hall The Mall Bangkapi, Saturday 25th October 2014.  Team Singpatong Sitnumnoi proudly present our fighter who will fight in this big event ALKA MATEWA from Belgium.

1. Antoine Pinto (Siangboxing) – France
2. Saiyok (Windy sport) – Thailand
3. Alka Matewa – Belgium
4. Ben Hodge – England
5. Sen Bunthen – Cambodia
6. Michael Corley – United States
7. Hiroki Nakashima – Japan
8. Millad Farzad – Australia