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Thailand’s Muay Thai has gained popularity across the globe. This is evident in the many foreign nationals who have taken deep interest in this traditional Thai combat sport that they intentionally go to Thailand to learn the techniques and train to become good Muay Thai fighters. Truth is there are a few foreign nationals who hold Muay Thai titles like Damien Alamos who is a French national.

Its popularity has grown so great that a new TV show called Warriors of the Mongkon has been created for Australian television in 2012, where episodes features and follows Australia’s elite Muay Thai athletes into battle throughout Australia and Thailand. The show highlights the hard and rigid training each fighter has to endure as they push their bodies and minds to become the great Muay Thai warriors.

TV viewers are given an exhaustive introduction on how Muay Thai came to be and how many Thai youth had devoted their lives in becoming good Muay Thai fighters so they can help their families who mostly came from the poor sector. The TV show explained how Muay Thai training has become a privilege and a way of life for most youngsters in Thailand whose only desire is to become good fighters and earn money from their fights.

Pen Ake Sitnumnoi

Pen Ake Sitnumnoi

The show featured famous Thai fighters like Pen Ake, the 22 year old fighter of Singpatong Sitnumnoi and young boys aged 7 and up who have made Singpatong Sitnumnoi Muay Thai camp their home as they train and prepare for their fights in the future. Muay Thai fighters carry the spirit of the Siam soldiers who fought with all their might to defend their country. Hence, it is not at all surprising that the young and modern day warriors step into the ring, willing to give their all even if meant not stepping back out as they honor the heart and soul of Muay Thai.

Warriors of Mongkon then bring to light how Australians are so drawn to Muay Thai. Several Muay Thai gyms in Queensland, the Muay Thai capital of Australia and where one of the great Muay Thai fighters, John Wayne Parr – holder of 9 world titles and the ambassador to the sport is helping other young Australian fighters find their place in the Muay Thai arena. There are pretty young Muay Thai fighters who practically gave up everything so they can be good at Muay Thai.

The TV show also featured fighters who got out of their dark past and out or being caught up with some real bad guys and given a second shot at life with a lot of help from Muay Thai. It’s incredibly amazing how bad boys like Charlie who managed to step out of his troubled youth days and got helped when he started coming in to the Muay Thai gym in Australia.

It also presents the human and emotional side of Muay Thai fighters who had to endure not just the physical pains but more on the emotional burden of losing in a fight. That at the end of the fight, no matter how prepared you think you are, you will just have to be more ready with the outcome of the fight, especially the pains of losing despite the rigid training, mental preparation, self-discipline and a lot of self-sacrifices.

Warriors of the Mongkon presents all the facets of Muay Thai and how this combat sport has affected and touched the lives of many.


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