Fights Result of SUK SINGPATONG + SITNUMNOI October 18, 2014

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Khomsan Singpatong and Sliman Kin Kao Restaurant


Sliman Kin Kao Restaurant won via TKO Round 2


 Muay Thai Fight
Sliman Kin Kao Restaurant (Rising Muay Thai Star) Won via TKO Round 2
Khomsan Singpatong(Muay Thai Wizard) Won via Points
Nilmongkon Lukjaomae Sarnlakmaung Won via Points
 Lady Fight
Praewproud Lukjaomae Sarnlakmaung Won via Points


Fight Result Cage Soliders 2 in Australia October 18, 2014

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18th October 2014, fight result last Saturday. The event was held in Australia, presenting Cage Soldiers 2. Our Singpatong Sitnumnoi fighters Mark “Singpatong” Lucchiari and Arkheem Nepia “Singpatong” Lucchiari had a amazing fight.

  • Mark “Singpatong” Lucchiari won via TKO Round 3 againts Boy “Wonder” Pramaree.
  • While Arkheem Nepia “Singpatong” Lucchiari lost via TKO he fought a great fight.




Before the fight Mark and Arkheem in Australia.

Fights Result of SUK SINGPATONG + SITNUMNOI October 11, 2014

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 S.P.T. 154 pound Title Fight
Andaman Rattanapanu Win via TKO Round 3
 Muay Thai Fight
Arthur Singpatong
(French Muay Thai Idol)
Win via Points 
Fahsithong Singpatong Win via Points
Billy Singpatong Win via TKO Round 2

Fight Result - October 5, 2014 – Muay Thai fight at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium aired on TV Channel 7

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Congratulations to Penake Sitnumnoi who won last Sunday at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium and it was aired on TV Channel 7 . Penake Sitnumnoi defeats Tuanpae Kiatkomsing. It was a great fight for Penake Sitnumnoi for another victory. A lot of people watched this big event and the stadium is almost full.












Here is the video of his fight last Sunday.

Fights Result of SUK SINGPATONG + SITNUMNOI September 27, 2014

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September 27, 2014
Fights Result
Mark Singpatong“Australian Superstar” Win via TKO
Mess Singpatong “French Superstar” Win via Points
Brogan Singpatong Win via TKO
Penpetch Dr. Allan  Win via TKO

Fight Result – September 27, 2014 Muay Thai fight on TV Channel 7

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September 27, 2014 – Last Saturday night on TV Channel 7, Pentai Singpatong won the fight vs. Sarawute Phitphakhapidang with 100,000 THB. Pentai Singpatong defeats Sarawut Pitakparpadeang under 112 pound Champ of TV  Channel 7 Stadium.


 Pentai Singpatong – Winner


 Great fight of Pentai Singpatong – Winner vs. Sarawute Phitphakhapidang



16106_709099865832835_1259989498097873899_nFrom Muay Siam MagazinePentai Singpatong – Winner


Fight Result – September 20, 2014 THAI FIGHT WORLD BATTLE in VIETNAM

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September 20, 2014 –  Here is the result of fights last Saturday in At Phu Tho Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City. The event was held in Vietnam entitled “Thai Fight World Battle in Vietnam 2014”. We proudly present our fighters from Singpatong + Sitnumnoi Gym namely :

  • (WIN) Sliman Zegnoun (France) vs. Nguyen Tran Tu Do (Vietnam) – 64kg
  • Arkheem Lucchiari (Australia) vs. Nguyen Phu Hien (Vietnam) – 57kg
  • Alka Matewa (Belgium) vs. Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee (Thailand)- 73kg vs 71.5kg

SLIMAN ZEGNOUN from France won his fight vs Nguyen Tran Tu Do from Vietnam. Arkheem Lucchiari (Australia) and Alka Matewa (Belgium) lost their fights. We are proud of you guys!


10710657_1513267958917985_290301606290196254_nSliman Zegnoun won the fight.



At Phu Tho Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam the venue of the fight.

Muay Thai Fighters to Be Watched

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  • Rafi Singpatong won an 8 man tournament in Bangla Stadium on December 26. He went 9 full rounds with very short breaks, and was the only competitor in the tournament to fight 9 full rounds. We are very proud of him he did an amazing job. Look out for Rafi Singpatong in the future!


Rafi Singpatong Winning

Rafi Singpatong Winning

Rafi Singpatong after Fight

Rafi Singpatong after Fight



  • Damien Alamos Kwaitong gym will be fighting in a special program at Bangla stadium on January 4. Also big shout out to Youtube Channel MuayThaiHL for making this video of Damien:


  • Pen Tai Singpatong will be fighting in Chumpon Province on January 11, more details of this fight to come.
  • Pen Ake Sitnumnoi will be fighting in the main event on January 8 at Lumpinee stadium. He will be fighting Pohgeaw who just recently lost to Sam A in a questionable decision. It will be a great Muay Thai fight.