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Professional Muay Thai is governed and controlled by the World Boxing Council Muay Thai or WBC Muay Thai. They established the rules and regulations pertinent to the fighting competitions, including the rules on weighing in and weight divisions.

Muay Thai fighters must not be over 135 pounds or 61.235 kg but not over 140 pounds or 63.503 kg, if they want to compete for the Super Lightweight Division.

  • Muay Thai Super Lightweight DivisionThe WBC Muay Thai Male World Champion Title for the Super Lightweight division is currently held by Saketdaow Petchpayatai, a Thai Muay Thai fighter. He won the title in October 21, 2011 and successfully defended it last June 9, 2012.

  • Muay Thai Super Lightweight DivisionMeanwhile, the WBC Muay Thai Male International Champion Title for the Super Lightweight is currently held by Tetsuya Yamato from Japan. He won the title on September 22, 2012.

  • An Interim World Champion for the Super Lightweight Division is Aranchai Kiatpatarapan from Thailand.

  • For the WBC Muay Thai Female World and International Champion Titles for the Super Lightweight Division, the positions remain vacant to this day.

Some of the Muay Thai fighters ranking for the Super Lightweight Division are:

  • Anuwat Kaewsamrit. He is known for his powerful hands and is often referred to as “Mike Tyson” or “The Iron Hands of Siam”. He was Rajadamnern Stadium champion at Mini Flyweight, Light Flyweight and Super Flyweight divisions.

  • Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross. He is an American Muay Thai kickboxer currently ranking No. 14 in the world by the WBC Muay Thai in the Super Lightweight Division. He had won the Super Lightweight WBC International Championship title in 2009.

Others in ranking for the Super Lightweight Division are:

  • Famongkol Petchsupapan (Thai)

  • Seemanut S. Sirinya (Thai)

  • Wacharalek A. Kwanmuang (Thai)

  • Laemtong T. Pornchai (Thai)

  • Daowprakay A. Kwanmuang (Thai)

  • Kaew Fairtex (Thai)

  • Kupee Kiatyongyuth (Thai)

  • Saksongkram Popthiratham (Thai)

  • Damien Alamos (France)

  • Hiroki Ishi (Japan)

  • Choke Eminentair (Thai)

  • Soffiane Derdega (France)

  • Raouf Beliouz (France)

  • Micheal Thompson (Australia)

  • Houcine Bennoui (France)

  • Edu Morina (ESP)

  • Alexy Uliyanov (Russia)

  • Leo Montero (Brazil)

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