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Congratulations to Singpatong Sitnumnoi fighter Samuantep P.Petsari Sitnumnoi the new Mini Flyweight Lumpinee Champion. In Suk Petch Numnoi, main event Samuantep faced a Thai fighter Ittipon from Singmawin Gym. Following Samuantep Muay Thai career from the beginning, determination and dedication lead to his success has finally paid off when he won one of the coveted belts in the Muay Thai career.

Here is the full fight result.

Fight Name – Gym VS   Name – Gym Weight
1 Petputawan Soonkeelatasal
Won KO in Round 3
VS    Robert Nukbinalaiyon 119
2 Kongfa Tanaimicheal
Won on points
VS    Petnamchai T.Songkeatyim 100
3 Petsila Eakmuangnon
Won on points
VS   Lampet Singsamai 106
4 Jongdandam Sitnoomnai VS   Diselnoi Keatchatnan
Won via KO in Round 2
5 Padsanlek Rachanon
Won on points
VS   Mateas Sevenmuaythai (ITA) 140
6 Talatong S.Tanaporn
Won on points
VS   Kachaiba PhuketFightClub 154
Main Event
Samuantep P.Petsari
Won on points
VS   Ittipon Singmawin 105



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