Best Exercises for Athletes

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Best ExercisesAthletes keep a regular exercise regimen so that they remain fit and conditioned physically for their sport. A triathlon athlete for example will keep a daily routine of running, cycling and swimming so that his body remains attuned to the rudiments of the sport. So, does a Muay Thai fighter who performs his basic training everyday. Repeatedly performing such exercises will get your body and mind accustomed to the exercise activities. As you progress you get more room to improve your performance in terms of speed and endurance.

Depending on the sport an athlete is engaged in, an athlete may add any of the following exercises to their routine of best exercises for optimal results:

Power Cleans

Cleans are a total body exercise that use quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, spinal erectors, deltoids, forearms and traps. Core muscles to stabilize your spine throughout the movement are also included in this exercise routine. Cleans develop power and explosive strength essential to an athlete. This exercise even if not combined with other exercises will help you achieve an athletic build on its own.

Core Training

A strong core is what every athlete needs. Core training will help you get that six-pack athletic build. To get your core tight and strong, hanging leg raises, planks (front and side) and crunches will do the works.

Bench Press

Bench press is the king of the upper body just as the squats are the king of the lower body. Athletes requiring strength on the upper body can use this exercise as a mainstay in their training routines. The bench works the shoulders, triceps, chest and even the abs are used to help generate power and stability. Regardless if it’s barbell or dumbbells, bench press is a must in your training program.


These exercise routines are very popular with athletes who want to build quickness, agility and explosiveness. The routines involve many different jumps and other movements and the most common plyometrics type is what you usually see in a conventional gym – box jumps. If these routines are not done properly, they can lead to injury especially for those who are not in good shape or physical condition.

Shoulder Press

Sports with pushing movements require athletes to have strong shoulders. Shoulder press works the deltoids along with the lats, traps, and triceps. This exercise is also a must to achieve an athletic build.


These exercises help build strength needed for pulling movements required in sports like  wrestling, football and others. Rows primarily work the lats and traps. The biceps and shoulders are strengthened as well. These exercise routines will add thickness to your back muscles.


These are used by athletes who want to build strength in the hips, glutes and the quads. Lunges will also shape your butt nicely.


Most athletes have this exercise in their training program. Sprints help build power, explosiveness and speed. Having incredible speed can be a huge asset for any athlete. Regardless if it’s a fast break in basketball, or going deep on a passing route, or stealing a second base in baseball, having speed will be to your advantage. Doing sprints in interval training is also a good fat burner, thereby giving every one engaged in this exercise an athletic shape and build.

By sticking to your training program and religiously doing any of these exercises, you will definitely have that edge over your competition, irrespective of the sport you are into.