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When training in a Muay Thai Camp in Thailand, Muay Thai would-be fighters are taught different techniques important to this combat sport from Thailand. One of such techniques is the Muay Thai punch. Muay Thai training in Thailand promotes and had seen numerous local Thai and foreign fighters develop into strong and successful Muay Thai world champions. It just proves the kind of Muay Thai Training Phuket gyms offer – one that ensures a trainee a successful career in kickboxing.

Muay Thai Punch -- Muay Thai Phuket

A basic of Muay Thai techniques is the Muay Thai punches. At a time when men did not have any weapon to fight wild animals and even human beings as well, they made use of every part of their body as a defensive weapon needed for survival. Punch is the easiest defensive and offensive weapon to control compared to the other parts of the body. 

What to Hit with Muay Thai Punch

In Muay Thai gym Phuket trainers emphasize the proper Muay Thai Punch techniques in order to accurately hit the target. The fighter should use the knuckles as this is the most effective way to hit the target. The usual target of a Muay Thai fighter is the area of the upper body towards the face. But regardless of where the punch hit the target, it is important to remember to immediately pull back the fist away from the opponent in order to prevent exposing the fighter to counter-punching of the opponent. The punch thrown should unnerve the opponent.

There are five categories of Muay Thai punches, which are learned in any Muay Thai a gym Thailand is plentiful. These are:

The Jab

This is used to find the range by irritating the opponent. Accurate and skillful jabbing will cause the opponent to feel anxious. This punch requires a lot of practice on the punching bag. This type of punch could be used in defense, attack or retreat.

Different Muay Thai Punches -- Muay Thai Gym Thailand

The Straight Punch

Muay Thai trainers ensure that each fighter is taught to use straight punch mainly to attack the opponent’s facial area such as chin, nose, or mouth. The knuckles are used to increase the effectiveness of this punch along with twisting the opponent’s shoulders. Straight punch is always use after the jab.

The Hook

This punch is used mainly to attack side facial area such as the temple, nose, or ear. The elbow is bent a bit and the back of the knuckle is used to attack. To increase the effectiveness of the hook, a fighter may combine the hook with twisting the opponent’s shoulders.

The Swing

This type of punch is generally thrown at a further distance than the distance covered by the hook. Targeted by swings are areas around the jaw line or the ribs. When there is a gap on the opponent’s body or face, a swing can be thrown. As the punch hits the target, make sure that the knuckles take the brunt of the impact. 

The Uppercut

Muay Thai fighters use the uppercut punches to target to attack the opponent’s chin and stomach. To do the uppercut, knees and elbows are bent slightly before a punch is made vertically to attack the opponent. When the opponent is very close to the Muay Thai fighter or when they are in a stooping position, the uppercut will be more effective. Alternatively, it is also possible to attack by knee kick instead of uppercut.

Muay Thai punches if combined with different style of kicks could badly hurt an opponent especially if it’s done with so much power. Everyday intensive Muay Thai training enhances a fighter’s skill and senses in mastering the art of the sport, which could make any fighter one of the best.

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