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2014-10-25 09.13.18Penake Sitnumnoi won via points Round 4 vs. Mark Sarracino

1622744_1503148156638176_594992522794786641_nKochasarn Dragonmuaythai won via points vs. Arthur Singpatong

150110_609220155866718_1784366957062462563_nAnes Singpatong won via TKO Round 2 vs. Jacky Worhemtanon


Namsuklek Sorabdul won via TKO Round 3 vs. Regency  Sitmuadwien

10713012_10204732461692346_8965132947612464180_nJp Singpatong won via TKO Round 4 vs. Yodlan Jornappadat

2014-10-25 22.28.30-1 Muangchai Tanaimichellegym won via points Yodsenkeng Jornappadat


 Fight Result 25th October 2014
Suk Singpatong Sitnumnoi Anniversary Fight
Penake Sitnumnoi Won via Points Round 4
Kochasarn Dragonmuaythai Won via Points
Anes Singpatong Won via TKO Round 2
Namsuklek Sorabdul Won via TKO Round 3
Jp Singpatong  Won via TKO Round 4
Muangchai Tanaimichellegym Won via Points
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