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In the past years, Muay Thai has become increasingly popular not only in Thailand where it originated but all over the world. The fact that Muay Thai also offers great cardiovascular and physical work out opportunities makes it a preferred physical conditioning activity or exercise. Muay Thai kickboxing is a unique type of martial arts or more correctly a combat sport and people who want to develop and master the Muay Thai skills and techniques should be ready for an intensive and rigorous training program. Learning the basic Muay Thai techniques will prepare you for the more complicated attack techniques, which are important in order to overpower the opponent or attacker.

Muay Thai offensive techniques make use of the hands, elbows, knees and feet to hit the opponent. Several techniques to attack the opponent are taught and learned in various Muay Thai camp in Phuket, it includes the following attack techniques:

Different attack moves in Muay Thai -- Muay Thai Camp Phuket


This occurs when the opponent gets inside your comfort zone and in your circle of clinching range. Short kicks and a knee strike can be carried out from the inside of your range, using the clinch which is done by attempting to grip the opponent’s head with one arm only. Proceed to pull the opponent’s head towards your body and latch the position with your other arm. Keep your arms on the inside of the opponent’s. The last move is pulling the opponent’s head and securing it to your chest which gives you a very good position to start throwing your knees, pounding the opponent’s ribs, knees, stomach and legs with the opponent’s own brutal knees.

Roundhouse Kick

This technique uses the shin and not the foot as the weapon and it is a very handy technique for competitions and self-defense especially if executed accurately. The leg is swung against the opponent, while the hips and trunk are simultaneously twisted in the same direction as the swing. The roundhouse kick targets three areas – the low kick which aims to hit the side of the thigh and the calf, the mid kick which aims to hit the ribs and the high kick which aims to hit the chin, neck or temple.

Low Kick

You should kick low if the opponent aims a high kick towards your neck. This technique is faster and as such can knock down the opponent. Receiving a low kick from the opponent should give you the opportunity for a back elbow. Low kicks are done by swinging the legs almost like you are sweeping the floor with your leg. This circular movement from the body to kick the opponent in the thigh and upper shin area will soften his stance. A well-executed low kick will disable the opponent from putting pressure on the opponent’s legs due to bruising which could lead to his ultimate collapse.

Teep / Push Kick

This kick can be used for both attack and defense. It can easily get the opponent off-balance. Using the front leg and place your toes in the opponent’s sternum, or if you kick the opponent’s leg, use the heel. If you kick their face use the heel. This technique can be used to put off your opponent’s attack but not to knock them down. If the opponent tries to kick it may be possible to push him over as he swings his legs.

Grappling / Clinchwork

An effective attack technique involves grappling while standing up and trying to knee the sides or stomach, pulling the head down while bringing up the knee. Grappling and clinch work are two of the most important aspects of Muay Thai as this can effectively drop the opponent.

Low Kick Attack -- Muay Thai Camp Thailand

A good Muay Thai fighter knows when to throw an attack and when to make hard to break defense. Honing these skills through intensive training is key to becoming the best in the field. Being good in sport is a gift and molding the skills in a certain craft is something that any sports enthusiast should work hard for. You can click here to see other Muay Thai techniques.

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