Benefits of Muay Thai Training

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Muay Thai, a martial art form that originated from Thailand, also known as the “Art of Eight Limbs,” which is focused on strikes using the eight points of contact: feet, knees, elbows and fists. It uses the power of rotation in the hips to deliver dynamic and strong punches, elbows, blocks, and kicks.

Fitness Benefits of Muay Thai -- Muay Thai Gym Phuket

Muay Thai is also an effective health and fitness training. It can improve one’s health and give a physically fit and strong body. Muay Thai workouts and training not only get a trainee in the best fighting form, he can also benefit from them health-wise. This may be the reason why a lot of people are interested and attracted in Muay Thai. Even if they are not training for a Muay Thai fight, they are after the health benefits the training will give them. People who go into Muay Thai training can build stronger and more defined arms, legs and stomach. In many ways, the training also helps to gain a sense of inner strength and emotional balance.

Muay Thai training is known for its rigid training program which includes an innovative variation of sparring, jabs, power punches, and defense techniques and all blends of aerobics exercises. Muay Thai training camps in Phuket, Bangkok and other places in Thailand come up with best training package that would not only entice Muay Thai enthusiasts to enroll but would encourage fighters to better their craft in the sport. These intensive workouts will help the Muay Thai trainee learn the proper execution of the different Muay Thai fighting techniques and help keep them physically fit and stronger.

Other than preparing the body for the physical stress and stand the impact of the opponent’s strikes, there are fitness, social and defense benefits that Muay Thai provides. 

Fitness Benefits of Muay Thai

  • Well-proportioned body. People who are into Muay Thai training are taught to perform warm-up exercises to improve blood circulation.  Muay Thai training speeds up the body’s metabolism and burns off fat. Over time, one will notice a significant decrease in fat and a remarkable increase in muscle toning, and an overall improved sense of well-being.
  • Strength and Agility. Regular Muay Thai training helps build up stamina and put one’s body in good shape. Arduous routines which are part of the training will help keep the body stronger. And because the training requires constant training and drilling, one will develop his mind and body for a quick response in effectively reacting to the opponent’s strikes. 

Muay Thai Training for Strength and Agility -- Muay Thai Training Phuket

Social Benefits

Part of Muay Thai training is learning about practicing discipline, respect for rules, and obedience to the instructor. By implementing various methodologies, one will eventually possess good manners, good spirit, honesty, sense of justice and self-confidence. 

Defense Benefits

  • Helps develop courage, determination, and self-confidence. People who train in Muay Thai perform regular exercises which are very important in keeping the body toned to be driven to the limit of exhaustion. Without physical stamina and the required will and determination, the kind of rigorous training developed for Muay Thai can easily get a person to give up. Therefore, one has to condition his mind to be tough in order to complete the training program. And that will develop a sense of self-confidence which will grow as one becomes more in tune with the workouts. With proper training, one is equipped with the ability to defend one’s self against opponents or adversaries.
  • Intelligence and Wisdom. Muay Thai involves innumerable tactics, tricks, and techniques. If one is serious about his Muay Thai training, he will learn all the tactics to counter the attacks of the opponent and at the same time deliver powerful strikes to the opponent. Muay Thai also requires the fighter to develop wisdom in using the techniques, learning when the punches and the kicks should be thrown to the opponent to achieve maximum impact. A fair degree of intelligence is developed together with learning one art of self-defense.