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Tuesday, 20th June 2017- Rafi Bohic made a new history in his Muay Thai career in Thailand, as he became the New Welterweight Champion in Lumpinee boxing stadium by beating a Thai boxer Pongsiri PK Saenchai on points.

Last year in September and October, Rafi fought Pongsiri twice for the title belt in Lumpinee but lose the two title bouts, yesterday Rafi had tremendous victory by winning one of the prestigious title belt of the world in the sports of Muay Thai.

Every Muay Thai boxers dream to win a title belt in the biggest stadium in Thailand like Lumpinee and Rajadamnern.

Rafi Bohic is the third French Muay Thai earned a title belt in Lumpinee, followed by Damien Almos in 2012 and Morad Sari in 1991.

It was an incredible fight to Mr. Numnoi and to all the trainers of Singpatong who always dedicate their passion in teaching Muay Thai to our fighters.

Congratulations to our New welterweight lumpinee champion Rafi Bohic.



Team Singpatong Pick Up Three Wins in Lumpinee

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Friday, 13th of May in SUK PETCH NUMNOI FIGHT at Ramintra Lumpinee Stadium. Team Singpatong got three straight wins on the event. The first four-fight on the fight card aired live by Thai TV Channel NOW26, and Rafi Singpatong bout aired in the last set of the match. You can watch the video here NOW26.

Fighters do sprint and shadow boxing every morning, sparring and clinching sessions every afternoon and finally all their hard work in training pay-off.


Rafi Bohic Singpatong won by knock-out in Lumpinee

French Nak Muay Rafi Bohic faced Yodrwut from Kaowkri Gym last night. Both fighters showed impressive techniques. In the fourth round, both fighters started throwing a hard kick and Rafi landed a hard kick to Yodrwut that make him knock-out in the fourth round.



Songpayak won by points




Kongfha Tanaimichelle won by points


New WBC World Muay Thai Champion 'Rafi Bohic'

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Congratulations to the ‘New WBC World Muay Thai ChampionRaphael Bohic and the rest of the Team Singpatong for the incredible performance last Friday, at Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok.

Best of Siam 8‘ is a special French Muay Thai event organized by nak muay farang Jean Charles Skarbowsky. The event took placed on 27th May 2016 in one of the biggest stadium in Thailand.

In this fight, Rafi faced a Thai fighter Arannchai Kiatpatarapran for WBC Muay Thai 140 lbs title. Both fighters gave their best shot in this bout. Rafi showed great heart in this fight, throwing lethal kicks and sharp punches and more aggressive than before. Raphael won on points against Arannchai. He made 63 fights for 56 victories in his Muay Thai career.



March 26, 2016 Final Tournament at Omnoi Stadium

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It’s a bloody fight last Sunday at Omnoi Stadium. Rafhael Bohic Singpatong faced an experienced thai boxer Sibmean Sitchefboonthum in the final tournament for 147 lbs. weight division title belt.

Both fighters gave their best shot in this fight. During the bout, Rafi’s right eye started to bleed in the second-round, but he did not mind it; instead he fought fiercely by throwing a sharp punched and brutal kicks to his opponent.

The bout was stopped in the fourth-round after the ringside doctor advised the referee, due to excessive bleeding in his right eye. Sibmean Sitchefboonthum defeated Rafi in the final tournament.


March 6, 2016 Super Muay Thai on WorkPoint TV

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Earlier this month Team Singpatong went to Bangkok for another great fight at ‘Super Muay Thai Tournament’ on Workpoint Tv. Nak Muay Arthur Meyer from France faced a Brazilian fighter Jean Patrick.

The crowd was entertained in their fight, as both fighters fought intensely and showed their incredible skills in Muay Thai. Arthur fought fiercely, and he threw sharp punches and deadly kicks. In the second round, his opponent started bleeding. Arthur defeated Jean Patrick on points in this fight.


Super Muay Thai Tournament Workpoint TV

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Arthur Meyer proved that he will be better ‘Professional Muay Thai fighter‘ than before. After all the hard work and motivation in training at Singpatong, he came back as a strong fighter and determined to win. Arthur Meyer faced a Belgian boxer Adam Belge in the Super Muay Thai Tournament on Workpoint Tv last week 24th of January, 2016 in Bangkok.

In the first round, Arthur Meyer starts the fight by throwing brutal leg kicks, and heavy punches that make his opponent knockdown in the first round. The audiences were entertained by his performance that night. The fight was so intense because both fighters exchanged sharp punches and brutal leg kicks to each other. But in the final round, Arthur became more vigorous to beat his opponent. He won the fight by points against Adam Belge.

You can watch his full fight below, and start it at 16:18 mins.


2Arthur Meyer won by points against Adam Belge


Arthur Meyer Impressive Knock Out Fight

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It’s a great start of 2016 for Team Singpatong Sitnumnoi with an impressive knock-out fight. Saturday, January 1, Singpatong headed to Bangkok for another big fight. Our nak muay farang Arthur Meyer faced an experienced Thai boxer Inseenoy Keadbunmee in Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. This is Arthur’s 2nd victory in Lumpinee, with 7th consecutive win including 4 knock-outs and a total of 32 wins in his professional boxing career.

During the fight, in the 1st and 2nd round, he carefully observes to see who is better technically. He said he was obviously over, and his opponent does more clinching in the 3rd round. In the 4th and 5th round, Arthur accelerates and performed well, he finished the fight with a high kick, spinning back elbow with a strong knock-out punch. They award him worth 20,000 baht special prize for an amazing and impressive fight during the night. It’s a good start to his Muay Thai career. 



Arthur Meyer received a special award worth 20,000 baht for superb performance



 His fight also featured in thai newspaper.


Watch Arthur’s recap fight in Lumpinee Stadium.