Singpatong Sitnumnoi is a traditional and authentic Muay Thai training camp in Patong Beach Subdistrict, Kathu District, Phuket Province in Thailand. The training camp built on 4 Rai of land is proud home to two Muay Thai fighting rings, a spacious training area, and a comfortable residence for fighters.

Singpatong Sitnumnoi came to being in 1971 when Somsak Junlaka, a professional Muay Thai fighter founded the training camp. It is currently under the operational management of head trainer Somnuk Patburee, known to many as Sit Noom Noi. The Muay Thai training camp boasts to have other well-known trainers throughout the Kingdom, namely, Sommart Phuongkong, also known as Mart, Suriya Sahakaro, otherwise known as Ouan, Kawin Plaikhown, popularly clalled Yat, and Chatchai Panneam, warmly responding to Ead. They are the best known Muay Thai trainers in the country whose excellence in fighting is passed on to aspiring Muay Thai fighters who undergo the rigid Muay Thai training program at Singpatong Training Camp.

The Training Camp currently accepts 2-3 Thai Nationals on the average, every year to live and stay at the camp and to be trained by the expert and experienced Muay Thai trainers of Singpatong. The Muay Thai training program includes twice a day training sessions, from Monday to Saturday from 7:00am to 10:00am and from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. All accepted fighters for training at the Training Camp should adhere to this time-tested program schedule.

This rigorous training schedule is standard and is strictly followed by all Muay Thai fighters who agree to enter into the training program that will prepare them to become the best Muay Thai fighter not just in Thailand but in the world. Records will show that Singpatong Sitnumnoi has produced many champions within Thailand. Likewise, the Training Camp managed to be the training grounds of internationally recognized fighters such as Tong Suk, Rung Anun, Pen Ake, Damien Alamos, and Joel Fischer.

Part of the training is a 10 kilometer run through a mountain range, clinching, sparring, 8 rounds in the ring with a designated trainer, shadow boxing, skipping sit-ups, push-ups and stretching. All of these activities are done twice a day. Muay Thai trainees are able to build up their physical stamina and endurance with these activities.

In the past, Singpatong Sitnumnoi Training Camp did not accept foreign fighters for training at the camp to fight under the training camp’s name. However, due to the increasing worldwide popularity of Muay Thai, the camp was compelled to give opportunity for professional foreign fighters who manifest serious determination and desire to learn the traditional way of fighting and agreeing to the strict camp rules.

Currently, Singpatong Sitnumnoi welcomes foreign visitors who come to Thailand to have short programs of Muay Thai training ranging from a day to 6 months. However most of these foreign fighters opt to stay outside the camp and do not fight under the training camp’s name after obtaining the skills and techniques through the professional training methods of the best Muay Thai fighters any training camp in Thailand can have. The end of the training program will see local and foreign fighters confident about the skills that they have learned and acquired from their training at Singpatong Sitnumnoi Training Camp.